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nadia kadri

“There is only one plot—things are not what they seem.”


Top 5 Juicers We Love

Here are five ways to make your bedroom healthier, and to harness more positive more >> Our Z Living community loves to be healthy! And one of the best ways to jump start your health is to begin, slowly but surely, incorporating some juicing into your diet. If you’re still a newbie to the juice world, the most popular types of juicers in the market are centrifugal and masticating.

Editors’ Picks: Natural Beauty Tips


Basic Yoga Guide


How 8 Wellness Warriors Practice Gratitude

Do you care enough for your eyes which allow you to see the world? Try this more >> Gratitude is one of the most overlooked resources we have at our fingertips to love the life we live and turn things around when they seem otherwise. While many of us may share an inspirational quote here and there, having a daily practice of being thankful can be extremely beneficial to your mental well-being and overall happiness.

Healthy Finger-Foods & Skinny Drinks For New Year’s Eve

If you’re trying to throw the ultimate final party of the year, then you need to add these NYE finger-foods and drinks recipes to your arsenal. From a 7-layer dip and homemade kale chips to fish tacos, skinny eggnog, gluten-free peanut butter cups and more, you will be the house everyone will come back to next year.

5 Hand Creams You Need This Winter

Find out how to trap in the nutrients and retain your natural beauty this more >> Winter’s blizzards, Nor’easters and straight up chilly weather can take a toll on your hands. That’s because cold and dry air strips the skin of its natural protective oils and moisture. Keep your hands baby-soft all winter long with these hand creams.

18 Yoga Poses For Mind And Body

Z Living’s dedicated team of writers contributes to stories on natural health, wellness, fitness, beauty and food.

3 Veggie Chips You Must Try

Healthy food doesn’t need to compromise on taste. At Z Living, we’ve created and compiled a list of the most deliciously healthy recipes out there.

6 Healthy Pizza Recipes

Nadia is a journalist and writer whose passions include mud runs, sampling the latest fad diets (and failing miserably), and standing in downward dog too long. She's written on a variety of subjects, from profiles of tatted entrepreneurs for Inked Magazine to government shutdowns. At Veria Living, Nadia provides beauty, health and wellness tips from the perspective of someone who understands that living well isn't exactly a piece of cake.

5 Steps to Start a Yoga Practice at Home

Yoga brings you mental, physical and spiritual wellness and has even been shown to protect your heart by reducing stress, but what do you do when you can’t seem to find the time (or money) to join a local yoga studio? One of the most liberating aspects about yoga is that it is universally accessible: You don’t need high-end equipment or a studio in which to practice.

10 Great Gifts For Wellness Junkies

Give the Gift of Well this Year.
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7 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Ho, Ho, Ho! Don't look at the scale.
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nadia kadri

I've been existing for over two decades now and have learned a couple things here and there about the human race. Writing & journalism is my passion, and I believe it to be the best way of expression of what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen to us.

Hard News, Lifestyle, and Business are few of the many topics that I have ventured in as a journalist—and I have no intentions of stopping.